Thursday, January 14, 2010

After Twenty Years .....

After twenty years my boots finally gave out. I went for a wonderful ski the other day and thought it odd that my left foot kept slipping and feeling like a bunch of snow had built up underneath. So after ignoring it, which is what I like to do when something goes wrong, I stopped and started to whack at it with my pole, another one of my techniques when something doesn't work...hit it. Well needless to say the boot had finally come detached from the sole.(interesting note here when we are disconnected from our soul/sole what becomes of us?) So with great sadness I must put all the mountains and hills and snowy paths in my memory. You see these skiis/boots etc were a part of my youth. That precious time before husband and children and it seemed I became youthful when I put them on. Sorta like that comfy sweater or place or whatever takes you back ...for me it was my skiis. Now I will keep them they will not go in the 4o trash bag challenge but I will replace them ever so frugally with my daughters skiis since she has taken up snowboarding. Just need to document my love for my skiis as they gave me a way into the woods where I found so much solice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson...Adopt the pace of nature:her secret is patience.

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