Friday, January 22, 2010

March for LIFE

Today is the anniversary of Roe v Wade. You know this issue has hit me hard. When I was 21 I became pregnant out of wedlock and decided to have the baby. She is now 19 in college studying to become a nurse. I thought about abortion, no doubt, but I knew the pain of it. The guilt, shame and years of wondering why.... So on this aniversary although I am not in Washington I march with everyone in spirit because God has blessed my husband and I with 6 beautiful children and truly I know the value of all human life because of that and taking care of two young men with debilitating diseases that they will eventually die from. They are beautiful to me and to their loved ones and I am most confident that if you asked these parents if they had known their child would get ALS or Fredicks Ataxia would they still have had this child you would hear a resounding YES because these are the ones who teach us humility, suffering with honor, gratefulness, and the value of a smile. So on this date may we lift up all our sufferings and toil to the GOD who is an intentional GOD full of Love and Mercy and give all of our petitions to our Heavenly Mother, Mary.

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