Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year!! and The Simple Woman's Daybook

A new year brings new ramblings and I have rambled about on the net and found new blogs to follow and Daybook to create. You can get more info here @ So here it goes......

For Today: January 8, 2010

Out side my is snowing and I am at work

I am thinking lucky I am to have a job and that I am able to do so much

I am thankful for...Jesus

From the kitchen...I prepared nothing for them they must fend for themselves I am working a 151/2 hr. shift(two jobs)caring for two men one with Fredicks Ataxia one with ALS

I am wearing...jeans, turtleneck, tshirt, old sweater and my comfy danskin shoes

I am creating...calendars for my family schedule and my catechists

I am going....nowhere until 4:30pm to the next job

I am reading...the Bible for my Bible Study(Kings)

I am hoping...that the house won't be in bad shape when I get there

I am hearing...cats lots of cats this job the guy has 12 cats...yeah I know but they bring him so much joy

One of my favorite to watch my children play and my husband bring in wood from the kitchen window

A few plans for the rest of this week...take that tree down and read more about the Catholic Mass Revealed...using this for 7/8 grade which I am teaching on Sunday

My picture thought......Lake Ontario oh she's pretty

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