Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frugal Organization

Last night my very organized sister in law commented on some clementine boxes that I have. These clementine boxes (the wooden ones you get when you buy clementines) stack very nicely. I let my 5 year old paint them one day and I use them for storage. I will post some pictures soon. But for now use your imagination. I have a set of three the top one I store all phone chargers, ipod earphones, gameboy charges etc. , the second one is currently being use to store all the college letters being sent to my seventeen year old, the bottom one for papers to be signed and sent back to school etc. . The nice thing about this system is at night when I want to finally sit down, I can just take the bottom box with me fill out the papers and put them back in the box. The kids know to ask about the papers or where to look for them in the morning.
My next tip is my favorite. I don't know if anyone else has done this but here it is. I have always had trouble keeping all my bill organized. One is here, there, everywhere. But I was checking out some online products to keep you organized and basically this was the system, except I couldn't afford it. I went to the Dollar General and purchased two coupon organizers for a $1.00. They had attachable sticker labels. I wrote all my bills due on the 1st-4th on the first one and so on and so forth. With a calendar folded up in the back with all the Names of the companies, phone #'s, amount due all placed on the respective date. This is a great way to stay organized because while I'm waiting to pick up kids or at games I can review it and it fits into my purse. The Dollar General brand is vinyl so if you spilled something chances are it would wreck. The other coupon organizer I think will be used for envelopes, stamps, and return labels. I'll post some pictures.

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