Monday, February 11, 2008

Frugal Tip

If anyone checks out my is a tip that could save you some money. Last week I was looking at my schedule, with six kids, work P/T, volunteering blah, blah, blah I try to give myself reminders. One way I do this is my cell phone. It has a calendar, I input the event and if I want a reminder. Now I have done this with appointment, games, meets, etc. but never to remind myself about paying bills. Because I pay almost all my bills online, I need to get to my computer to pay bills not blog or read someone else's blog. My JCpenney bill and a few others need to be done the day before they are due or it wont post to your account until a day late causing you to have to pay a hefty late charge or rush payment fee. So I set the reminders last week when I was "doing the bills". Ring a ling my reminder went off and I went to the computer and paid those bills. Great idea for folks trying to get out of debt and have to play the juggle game, like us.

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