Friday, February 8, 2008

Going Too Frugal, Too Fast

Last night at my job, I take care of an AlS patient, I had a minute so I thought I would write down a few ideas for this blog. I am so enthralled with this "frugal journey" that I think I might be going a bit fast for my husband and kids. Although I've been frugal for quite awhile now w/o really even knowing it, there has been alot of waste. My list of twenty five things was difficult to write because some things just make it....well easier? Maybe slowly reducing waste would be a better route. For example, yesterday morning when Big John was leaving for work he came and asked me for the debit card. Asking for the debit card when I am still sleeping is a big no, no. I asked;" why have you spent all your gas money?" "Yeah" "ok, its in my purse" back to sleep I go. Only to wake 15 min. later realizing that not only did he need gas $ he also didn't take a lunch. Which we agreed he would take lunch everyday unless we alotted money for an "out to Lunch, lunch. So maybe it would be best to alott for some lunch money for John on Fridays. He works really hard and maybe I'm just going a little too frugal , too fast. However I told my big girls this morning that for the rest of Lent if they didn't make the bus they weren't getting a ride, an excuse, or weekend privileges. We live far enough away from the school that taking them down and picking them up every night(drama, indoor track etc.) is too costly. At the very least make the bus in the morning. They seem to have a problem getting ready the night before, especially on nights that I work. Right now I'm working one night a week. It shouldn't be a big deal to do their part and get ready the night before. Big families can cost a lot but they can also be trained like any one to cut back and save. I think that I have researched everything on frugality, that I just want it to be the way we live. What I think I have forgotten or lost along the way is there needs to be some luxuries kept. So what is funny is that Jenn at FrugalUpstate
commented on my blog, which I'm just honored, but the last thing she said was don't try to change too much at once, you could wind up frustrating yourself. She's right. I might not be getting myself to frustrated as much as frustrating the ones I live with. So for all those who are like me just starting out on this journey and might be dragging some loved ones along the best advice is Take it Slow.

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