Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Starting Out

This is my first post. I don't know how well this will work for me but I like the idea of, folks similar to me checking out what I have to say. At the same time I think this is sort of like having a "live" journal to keep and hold me accountable in my search to better handle house, money etc..Over at Upstate Frugal, please forgive me I haven't figured out how to have it highlighted to her link, she posted 25 things she does to save money. With Lent beginning tomorrow I thought I would think of 25 ways I could save my family money. Some I already have incorporated, some are in the making. Here they are:
1. Get up earlier...(so many reasons why this would save us $)
2. become a Master bread maker( making the kind the kids wouldn't mind in their Lunches)
3. drink less juice and more H2O
4. Reevaluate our vacation plans (instead of that awesome vacation house, maybe go back to camping.
5. Take our vacation earlier in the summer, so I don't lose precious picking time in the garden.
6. use less water when doing my dishes, I stink at this, but have really been more conscious in the last week about how much I have been wasting.
7. use Aldi menu planner
8. complete my price book
9. Shop only at Aldi's during Lent (except Wegmans has the better milk price)
10. Come up with more family night Ideas( wide range of ages 17-3)
11. Just say NO to my big kids about the mall trips
12. No slackin' when it comes to the spending plan
13. Put reminders in my cell phone on when payments are due so I get myself to the computer before 3pm
14. use up the leftovers
15. turn the TV off
16. clean out the homeschooling stuff, to free up more space, making me more efficient, thus I'll have more time to do the job instead of having to look for everything before I can do the job.
17. Be prepared the night before, all permission slips signed, lunches mostly prepared, backpack checks, etc
18. Help Big John be prepared, cell phone charged?, got gas? interested in these leftovers? (awesome DH he takes a lunch everyday and was really happy with thermos I got him for Christmas for his coffee.
19. Take my friend up on her offer to sign on with her on her BJs card. Only $22 and change.
20. research online for the best gas prices. A gas station out in the boondocks, which is near me, was actually competitive with BJs price.
21. Go to the Fresh food Tuesdays at St. Leo's Wegmans brings all there almost expired veggies and bread and such for FREE.
22. No that the kids are in school, the kind where they ride a bus and leave me for 71/2 hrs a day, I no longer can ask them to be Light Police. So from now on instead of waiting till #6 takes his nap. I will check for lights that have been left on right after they leave in the morning. No more ooops! I forgot
23. Turn off the computer at night.
24. unplug some appliances before bed.
25. can't come up with one but I will.
Thanks for reading and just one note I have been reading religiously Upstate Frugals blog for awhile and also SAHMMy. I am not nearly as advanced a blogger. If you happened onto this site and are looking for great tips go there. Sorry I need to learn how to link them.....
Have a good day back to the daley dirt.


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

welcome to the blogosphere ;)

Links are pretty easy-when you are creating the post there are a bunch of buttons across the top of that little frame you type in. There is one that looks like a globe (sort of) with a single link of a chain. That is the link button. You highlight the words that you want to turn into the link, then press that button. It brings up a popup where you simply paste in the web address.

Good luck-and don't try to change too many things at once. You could just wind up frustrating yourself. One step at a time :)

SAHMmy Says said...

Welcome to Bloggyland! Great list. Blogs do help with accountability--I've been kicking my own butt right along with everybody else's! My best frugal advice: go all cash for groceries, household items, and spending money. Use a credit/debit card for gas and pay at the pump (no going inside and adding on a Coke and pack of gum!)